Mandatory Assignment 04

This assignment was really fun in the beginning. And I started to sketch and in the end realized that I spent way too long time on this. And so It was more rushed in the end. This is also because I spent almost 5 days on the design that I tried to finish off in WordPress. I started with a child-theme for Twenty-Sixteen and applied teh widget Timeline-slider and tried to adapt it with my own CSS. However after trying for a really long time to get the timeline menu right, I decided it was too hard to adapt this … Continue reading Mandatory Assignment 04

Screen Based Design 2: Introduction (week 29)

Learning Activity – Providing Your Own Hosting Service This learning activity is to acquire your own hosting service. This hosting service will be needed throughout the rest of your studies, and this Learning Activity is therefore mandatory. You are free to choose any hosting service in the world. If you find it difficult to find one, we recommend If you choose, the monthly fee is only about 1,5 USD a month, and there are step-by-step guidances to setting up the account, creating e-mail addresses, connecting via ftp etc. By acquiring the web hosting yourselves, you get (depending the hosting service): Valuable training … Continue reading Screen Based Design 2: Introduction (week 29)